The focus of CityPlan 2030 is on retaining the things we love, changing the things we don't and creating the things we want for the preferred future of our City.


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, through its strategic management plan, CityPlan 2030, recognises that a well-designed, user friendly City, improves the quality of life and community identity for all.  

Part of good design includes timely maintenance and enhancement of existing assets, but also focuses on ensuring plans for future residential and commercial developments are founded on good urban design principles.

These principles include high quality, safe, attractive and heritage sensitive design, while also seeking ways to take advantage of existing services, amenities and transport networks.  It includes creating opportunities for environmentally sustainable enhancements such as the creation of linked bike paths and walking trails, or the application of new technologies that create energy consumption efficiencies.


Strategies and actions

Proposed strategies and actions in relation to these objectives include:

  • strengthening the planning policy framework to incorporate additional sustainability and quality urban design criteria
  • integrating new development which complements our City's built heritage and character areas
  • improving the pedestrian amenity of streetscapes
  • protecting and enhancing public open space
  • protecting and enhancing places, precincts and landmarks which reflect the built and cultural heritage of our City
  • providing a mix of housing densities and styles across our City in appropriate locations
  • maximising the extent of 'green' landscaping provided for in new developments
  • advocating for and facilitating a mix of affordable public and private housing developments.

For more information, visit CityPlan 2030 webpage.