The City's Long-term Financial Plan provides financial projections for the Council's planned activities over a 10 year timeframe.

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The Council has set a financial goal to be 'a City which delivers on our Strategic Outcomes by managing our financial resources in a sustainable and equitable manner'.

Financial sustainability means having a financial position capable of meeting long-term service and infrastructure levels and standards, acceptable to the community, without substantial increases in rates or cuts to services.

The Council's long-term sustainability is dependent on ensuring that, on average over time, the Council's operating expenses are less than the associated revenues.

The LTFP is to be linked with the Council's objectives, goals and desired outcomes in financial terms. The aim is to be financially sustainable at the end of each year by achieving a very small operating surplus whereby operating income just exceeds operating expenditure.

The LTFP should be viewed as a guide to future actions or opportunities and encourages the Council to think about the future impact of decisions made today on the Council's long-term financial sustainability.

Whilst the LTFP is for a 10 year period, it incorporates the appropriate years from the Council's 25 Year Whole of Life Infrastructure Plan, 15 Year Building and Recreation Reserves Plan and 10 Year Swimming Centres Asset Plans.

The Council reviews its LTFP each year after the preparation of its Annual Business Plan and Budget and will consider updating the LTFP where it is considered appropriate. In addition, a full review is required within two years of a Council election.