The Annual Business Plan sets out the Council's proposed projects, services and programs for the financial year.

The Annual Business Plan and Budget is a key document in the Council’s yearly planning framework, detailing the Council’s income and expenditure together with proposed projects, services and programs.

The Plan supports the Council's long-term strategic directions which are outlined in the Council's strategic management plan, CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future, as well as the Council's 2018-2028 Long-Term Financial Plan.


Annual Business Plan Summary

The 2020–2021 Annual Business Plan Summary highlights the Council’s key priorities for the coming year. It indicates how the Council will fund the delivery of vital services and programs while maintaining, renewing and building more than $13.724 million of capital assets for the community.


The full version of the 2020–2021 Annual Business Plan will be available soon.


More information

For more information about the Annual Business Plan & Budget, contact the Council’s General Manager, Corporate Services, Sharon Perkins on 08 8366 4585 or email