Open and transparent Council meetings and Council Committee meetings underpin representative democracy and ensure public confidence in the Council’s decision-making processes.

Informal gatherings or discussions provide a valuable opportunity to enhance Council decision-making processes by providing opportunities for Elected Members to become better informed and seek clarification on issues.


Purpose of informal gatherings

A designated informal gathering or discussion will be used solely for the purpose of information sharing and not for the purpose of obtaining, or effectively obtaining, a decision on a matter outside a formally constituted meeting of the Council or a Council Committee.

An informal gathering which involves discussion of a matter that is not, or is not intended to be, part of the agenda for a formal meeting of the Council or Council Committee, is not a designated informal gathering or discussion.

Designated informal gatherings or discussions will be held at a place open to the public, except for when the Council or Chief Executive Officer has declared that the designated informal gathering or discussion may be held in confidence.


More information

Contact the Council’s General Manager, Governance & Community Affairs on 08 8366 4549 or email: